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Mods para DH y DH Point Blank

Les propongo ir colgando aca Mods para DH y PB. Algo genial que tienen estos reglamentos es que son altamente moddeables sin "romperlos". Su falta de escala tempo/espacial hace que se puedan tocar los numeros y ver que pasa:

House rules
1. Ante el disparo la cobertura se aplica para impactar y para herir.

2. La unidad siempre tira guts cuando recibe fuego.
                 a) Tira GUTS sin modificar si no recibe impactos.
                 b) Si recibe impactos el guts se modifica sumando cobertura y disminuyendo MM de forma tal que quede
                        Guts final = GUTS + COBERTURA - MM - BAJAS  donde GUTS FINAL <= GUTS UNIDAD.   *Nota: COBERTURA nunca supera MM
                 c) Si la unidad recibe bajas el GUTS = GUTS - MM - BAJAS

Espero sus mods!


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Re: Mods para DH y DH Point Blank

acsi no usamos mods para dh que yo recuerde. lo unico es que en la tirada para herir tambien se aplican los modificadores por cobertura y en cambio estos mod no se aplican a la tirada de moral.

segun las reglas seria: cobertura modifica la tirada para impactar;
la tirada para herir es ap del arma
tirada de gut menos bajas menos mm del arma donde el cover puede cancelar el mm del arma.

con el mod:
cobertura modifica tirada para impactar y herir.
tirada de gut menos bajas y mm del arma.

resultado: menos letal y mas supresion.
otro mod usado para DH sobre tiradas de guts:

fuego de small arms:
-tira guts solo si hay impactos.
-se aplica mm del arma si hay impactos y heridas.
fuego de area o blast:
- siempre causa tirada de guts.

para adquisision de vehiculos:
un vehiculo que haya intentado adquirir el turno anterior y al siguiente no movio ni cambio de objetivo, y el objetivo  no salio de LOS o movio mas de 9" la adquisiscion es automatica.

y estos son unos mod que redacto seldon para hacer mas letales los combates a corta distancia en point blank ( point blank rango)

Disposable Heroes Point Balnk Mods 1.1

General Rules
Activation “Pass”: When a side/player has fewer total remaining activation points than the other side/player they can chose to “pass” when it is their turn to do an activation, however then the other side/player can decide at that point to also “pass” (even if that side at this point has more activation points) and by doing that the turn is over and the game moves to the next turn starting with initiative all over again.
Note: this prevents a side that has fewer activation points for any reason from being constantly outmaneuvered by an enemy with more activation points. If both players pass this means that both sides simply looked at each other waiting for the other to do something and the game moves back to initiative determination.

Modified Cover rules, wounding and suppressing (mods affect pages 11,13,14,22 and 23)
Suppressing Hits: When rerolling successful hits for effect, any roll that is equal to or lower than the modified AP of the weapon, is considered a suppressing hit (1s are still also wounding hits). Set these aside as a reminder.
The AP of the weapon is modified by cover with the same modifier that was applied to accuracy as per the table in page 13. Example: a model that suffered hits from an AP 8 weapon while being in light cover would get a wounding hit if the roll is a 1, and would get suppressive hits on a roll of 1 to 6 ( 8- 2 for light cover=6).
Guts Check: Cover no longer cancels suppressing hits as per the rules on pages 22 and 23, instead it affects the AP roll as explained above.
The MM of the weapon is only applied if the weapon caused at least one hit (even if these hits were not later converted into suppressing hits by a successful AP roll.

Point Blank Range: point blank range is defined as 6”. When a model performs any fire action at an enemy model within 6” this is considered point blank shooting, and when re-rolling hits to perform the AP roll any roll equal to or lower than the modified AP become wounding hits killing the target.
Additionally when shooting to hit at point blanck use ACC + - T/E as the base ACC before applying cover mods.
Pistols and SMGs gain a +1 ROF when shooting within point blank range
Important: this only applies to infantry small arms: pistols, rifles, SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs and HMGs, not to heavy weapons or blast weapons of any kind.
Additionally the snap fire rule (page 12) is amended as follows.
“If a soldier that is not suppressed has LOS to an enemy that moves more than 3” in total during the activation, or performs ANY movement within 6” of a friendly model, he may “snap fire” at this moving enemy target.” (note: if using this rule do not use the outflanking rule – it would be redundant)

solo quedaria pasar mi mod completo de comandos para point blank .al que le interese le paso los links. 

saludos .


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